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Default [Impossible] Browser resolver with Tor Browser


I'm trying ot use the Tor Browser instead of the system's default browser for captchas that require a browser for solving.

According to, the Browser Commandline parameter needs to be adapted accordingly. I've also disabled the Browser loop as the description states that the default browser will be used. So in my case I'm using following value for the commandline parameter
[ "PATH_TO_TORBROWSER\\Start Tor Browser.lnk", "--new-tab", "%s" ]

Please note that the tor browser is already up and running and started with the --allow-remote parameter. Furthermore executing the command above in the command line results in the expected behaviour, so a new tab with the corresponding link is openend in the already running tor browser.

However, unfortunately it doesn't work with jDownloader because the captcha link is still openened in the default browser. I also tried chaning the the commandline parameter to
[ "PATH_TO_TORBROWSER\\Browser\\firefox.exe", "--new-tab", "%s" ]
With that configuration a new tor browser instance is opened which conflicts with the active tor connection. So that's also not a solution.

Is this somehow a jDownloader bug (*.lnk calls do not work properly) or am I having an incorrect configuration?


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