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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
think thats the way its intended to work for crawlers (decrypters / link crawler rules / online checking tasks), bubble notify updates as links get added, so: task + ttl post task completion = display time. Say your doing something in the background and glance over every now and then, without a delay it would auto close at time of completion you might miss the stats like links found or online/offline.

this would line up with your OP also, as the value you're wanting is total time of the task right? even though its not finished, so start to stop
I'm also having a problem with this. I would like for the bubbles to go away as soon as it checked all the links but there is always a delay of at least a few sec after it says "Done" on the bubble.
I would note that reducing Time to live: 15000 to 0 did make the bubbles go away much faster.
So you are saying that post task completion is that few sec after it says Done?
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