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Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
Say your doing something in the background and glance over every now and then, without a delay it would auto close at time of completion you might miss the stats like links found or online/offline.
But that info is available in the linkgrabber afterwards. I don't have the need for bubbles being visible for several minutes to show me that, I just want the bubble to show for a few secs so I know that JD has reacted on my action. The rest I can take care of after I'm done "feeding" JD with stuff to crawl.
this would line up with your OP also, as the value you're wanting is total time of the task right? even though its not finished, so start to stop
Yes exactly, would it be a big thing to have an option for the bubble to behave like that?
I see a checkbox, checked be default for default behavior, or unchecked with the option to set the maximum TTL, even if scrape is finished or not. You can even make it an advanced option if that's easier.
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