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Default File names of hosts differents renamed similarly in package

Hi everyone,

This question has been asked several times but it was quite a while, so maybe answers are differents and there is a solution.

When I copy links of a same episod from different hosts that have different names here how it appears in JD2 :
Serie.S01e01 (package) (600 Mo)
  • Serie.S01E01.uptobox.avi (300 Mo)
  • Serie.S01E01.1fichier.avi (300 Mo)

In order to make understand to JD2 that there are the same files, I rename them and it becomes :
Serie.S01e01 (package) (300 Mo)
  • Serie.S01E01.avi (300 Mo)
  • Serie.S01E01.avi (300 Mo)

With the change of size of the package i was confident.

I launched downloads, the uptobox link has started but the 1fichier link also tried and used a ticket which "reschedules" the download of Serie.S01e02.avi

When a file has been downloaded or is downloading, i would like to avoid JD2 to use a ticket for another host. Is it possible ?

I tried everything in advanced settings (mirror detection decision : safe, auto, filename, filename_fialesize) but when file name are differents on hosts, even if everything else is equal (file size) it always use a ticket.

The only case where JD doesn't use a ticket is when the files are named same on different hosts.

Sorry for my english, hope my problem is at least clear.

Best regards
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