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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
You can modify the Mirror Detection, see Settings->Advanced Settings->mirrordetection
There you can change on what criteria the mirror decision is based on.
File names as well as file sizes can be seen as unsafe and safe value.
For example a plugin/hoster might not reveal the final file size but just a text like "300 Mb" which is seen
as unsafe value because you cannot compare "300 Mb" with 314572800. Some sites do provide
the safe file size via api/website, then this value can be used for mirror decision. Else JDownloader
will not use the file size for decision and has to wait for final download to begin in order to know the file size

Same for file name. Some sites just show "Hello.NiceFil......rar" or don't reveal file name at all until actual
download begins.

If you just want to use filename, then you may change GeneralSettings.mirrordetectiondecision to Filename
Please know that this will cause 2 files Test.txt(1byte) and Test.txt(10byte) seen as mirror!
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