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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
File names as well as file sizes can be seen as unsafe and safe value.
For example a plugin/hoster might not reveal the final file size but just a text like "300 Mb" which is seen as unsafe value because you cannot compare "300 Mb" with 314572800.
Thank you for your help but none of this is actually working. It seems Jdownloader, either check :
  • file name (Mirror detection decision : FILENAME)
  • file name and file size (Mirror detection decision : FILENAME_FILESIZE)
  • I don't know neiter Safe neither Auto but i guess more restrictive than the two above

It seems there is no option for ONLY filesize.
And if this option will be enable in the future it should propose UNSAFE FILESIZE (base on the approximative size given) because in my case I use to different host to gain time but because of this problem, JD waste my two host on the same file instead of move on the following episod.
That's a shame
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