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Howdy, I'm back and the "Account is ok" has returned.

A few days ago I reinstalled Windows 7 x64 and then installed JDownloader for the first time in this newly installed OS. I waited until JD has downloaded the latest and greatest updates before I make this post (actually, if I didn't download the latest updates, JD will forever say my ( premium account is a "registered (free) account" and I cannot download the way a premium account is suppose to download").

FYI, my premium account does not expire until March 26, 2015 and I have been using it without a problem as "premium account" before the reinstall. And according to my personal log, I also reinstall Windows 7 x64 a few days ago before the post I made on this thread on Feb 12, 2013.

So, maybe it has something to do with newly reinstall Windows. And just like the previous times, the problem will eventually go away in a few weeks. But if you are planning to look into it, attached is my latest log.

Hope it helps and thanks for your help in advance

Video Proof

It's a short video and please bare with me with the constant tab flipping. And forgive the poor video quality. I had to make sure it can fit in attachment.

Basically, the video shows first it shows "premium account", then I added more links for it to download and when a download finished and JD refreshed the download list, I flip back to the Premium Host setting and Wala! my premium account status is reverted back to "Account is ok"


PS. When "Account is ok", I have to refresh my account to ensure the status is "Premium account" again and then I have to stop and restart all downloads. Otherwise, download speed will be very slow and queued files cannot be downloaded in parallel.


Video Proof 2:

Stopping a download also revert the premium status to "Account is ok"

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