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Default Removing finished downloads

I have customized my JD2 Main Menu to include buttons for Removing All, Removing Selected, and Removing Finished Downloads. I have also added these as entries to my JD2 Context Menu.

I sometimes have a long list of downloads and these three entries help me keep things moving along. "Removing All" works as expected. "Remove Selected" also works as expected.

The button/context menu entry that I would want to use the most, "Remove Finished Downloads" only works if I highlight one or more of the downloads. This would be the behavior I would expect of "Removing Selected". "Remove Finished Downloads" ought to be able to work without having to highlight or select anything, much as "Remove All" works without doing so.

This factor has persisted for a long time; I had hoped that subsequent updates would sort this out, but I am here now to ask if the busy JD Team could find the time and the means to address this, please.

As stated before, and as bears repeating, your ongoing efforts with the Downloader are amazing. This is an excellent utility.

Many thanks.
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