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Thanks for your replies.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
We can only fix bugs we know of And of course we must be able to reproduce them
Yes, of course

I had posted about this some time ago while asking about something more urgent; likely more than one year ago. I had thought that this might end up getting resolved in one of your many updates. It hasn't been a crucial issue, and I haven't wished to bother you while there are other, more important matters at hand, but, as this aspect persits, I am revisiting it now.

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Does this happen always or random?
It happens always.

Here is what my "Menu Customizer: Downloads list - Rightclick menu" for the "Remove Finished Downloads" has shown as checked (enabled):

- Menuitem is visible

- Affected Links: Finished

- Bypass the 'Really?' Dialog

- Include Selected Links

- Include Unselected Links

- Item is visible for empty sections * SEE NOTE BELOW *

- Item is visible for selected links

Here is what my "Menu Customizer: Main Toolbar" shows as checked (enabled) for "Remove Finished Downloads":

- Menuitem is visible

- Bypass the 'Really?' Dialog Delete Mode

- Exclude filtered Links

- Include finished Links

- Visible in All Tab

- Visible in Download Tab

- Visible in Linkgrabber Tab

Perhaps the above information helps in lieu of being able to reproduce the problem on your end; alternatively, maybe you will note if I have enabled something by mistake, or have otherwise neglected to check/enable yet something else.

* REFERENCE TO ABOVE NOTE (Item is visible for empty sections) *

This entry, in particular, ought to show the context menu entry and allow to remove the download. It neither appears in my context menu, nor does it, obviously, allow for removal.

Again, many thanks.

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