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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
I don't understand. For context menu you have to select something. how else do you open up the context menu?
Well, yes and no. If I click on an empty white area within where downloads are listed, on the Downloads tab, I am able to access a context menu, though it doesn't show all of my customized entries - UNLESS - yes, I select a given download. A long time ago, prior to JD2, I was able to utilize my "remove all", "remove finished", and "remove selected" entries. So this did exist, though it hasn't worked for ages. I've been trying to enable this ever since.

Moreover, related to this, and to answer your other question:

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Maybe I did understand wrong, but the problem is that the button in menu bar is disabled until you have something selected, right?
Yes, exactly. My custom Main Menu button "Remove Finished Downloads" is disabled (greyed out) until I select something. "Remove All" is NOT disabled. The "Remove Finished Downloads" button used to be (at least in the Main Menu though not, for a long time, as noted above, in the context menu) until very recently likewise always enabled. The "Remove Selected" is, and as it should be, disabled/greyed out until I select something. This is logical; this also highlights the fact that "Remove Finished Downloads" should behave differently from that button, in that it ought to be enabled so long as there are any finished downloads in the list and without having to select something.

It's a quirk, but if I temporarily switch tabs, my "Remove Finished Downloads" button suddenly does become enabled without having to select anything. So clearly something is a) amiss and b) working differently than until recently.

The two issues are separate matters, clearly, though they are related insofar as I'm trying to accomplish the same action via two distinct means. Ideally I would like them both to be in effect.

I can elaborate further, if need be. TeamViewer, is not an option for me, unfortunately. Thank you for offering your help via that service.
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