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Thanks for the reply.

To answer your main point:

Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
This button works on current visible Table. So when you switch to Linkgrabber, it will disable because Linkgrabber cannot contain finished files.
Of course, that makes sense. The problem is that the button is not enabled in the Downloads tab when there are finished downloads.

OK. Let's say I'm starting JD2 and there are no active or pending downloads in the Downloads tab. Everything is empty.

I copy a link and next I click on my Main Toolbar button "Analyse Text with Links".

The "Analyse and Add Links" dialog opens. I click "Continue" and the link is added in the LinkGrabber tab.

I right-click on the newly added entry in LinkGrabber and via the context menu I start the download.

A pop-up / bubble notifies me that the download has finished.

I now switch to the Downloads tab and I see the following button icon behavior in my customized Main Toolbar:

- "Remove All" enabled (This is OK)

- "Remove Selected" disabled / greyed out (This is OK and logical - I haven't selected anything)

- "Remove Offline Downloads" disabled / greyed out (This is OK and logical - There is only one finished download and it isn't offline)


- "Remove Finished Downloads" disabled / greyed out (This is not OK - There is one finished download and I should be able to click on this button to remove my download)

IMPORTANT: If I click on the download or briefly switch tabs, the button becomes enabled. It ought to be enabled without doing this. It's noteworthy that this used to work perfectly well for a very long time. Recent updates - perhaps over the last month or so - have broken this somehow.

I hope this explanation helps. Thanks.

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