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Yes, if I switch to any other tab (including, Settings) and then switch back to the Downloads tab, the button becomes enabled.

In fact the button becomes enabled if I do any number of things; for instance:

- left-click on the download

- right-click on the download

- open a Menu Manager

- restart JD2 (my JD2 is set up not to remove finished downloads on close, so the list is still there on restart, if I haven't manually removed anything).

In short, I have to start clicking and moving around before a button that ought to logically be enabled in the Downloads tab whenever there are any finished downloads actually becomes enabled. Until very recently, the moment any finished downloads appeared in the Downloads tab, this toolbar button would instantly become enabled without requiring me to move and click around in order to make that happen.

And again, your update from yesterday now does this perfectly. As soon as there is a finished download, my context menu instantly enables my custom entry to "Remove Finished Downloads" if I am in the Downloads tab. Thanks again for doing that. The toolbar button should work under the same conditions too, in particular because it used to.

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