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I have a problem related to this. How do you remove the keyboard shortcut from Copy Information?

There's a Copy Only URL menu item which I added. That has CTRL+C, which is what I want.

I still have the original Copy Information that exists by default (which copies type,name,url). I want to to keep that too.

The problem is, I wouldn't use it often so I don't want there to be a keyboard shortcut to activate it. How do you set that to blank/nothing?

Pressing escape sets the shortcut to Escape and pressing backspace sets the shortcut to Backspace. For the life of me I can't figure out how to remove the keyboard shortcut entirely.

EDIT: I tried selecting everything in the box under Shortcut, right clicking, and choosing Cut. That did nothing.

Doing the same, but with Delete, makes the box under Shortcut entirely blank. But when you hit Apply or Save the shortcut which had been there comes back again, even though the box was blank before you hit Save or Apply.

It doesn't seem like there's any way to remove a shortcut which actually works. Should I post this in the Bugs section instead?

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