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Hi Raztoki,

not everyone thinks the same or wants the same outcome.
I think jDownloader is being a download manager narrows down the outcome pretty much, I bet 95% of the use cases is about download from the net :-)

I'm also a developer but we're talking about end user experience here.

cleanup of offline links automatically performed task, so I totally disagree with 'another step', or 'avoidable step'.
When is this happening?
In my experience, I do have packages with offline links from time to time, and they are not cleaned up automatically, so when I start to download a package with offline links I got a warning dialog about offline links.
So, jDownloader introduces an extra dialog here (which could be avoidable if all offline link go to Offline package).

offline links in package are not the end of the world situation, they cause no harm when adding them to the download tab as they don't get used.
That's not entirely true. If you have broken links in your package when you start the download, it will add a bunch of error flags in the status in the Download tab, so you have to check whether it's a broken link, an outdated plugin or something else.

Though does use more resources. (who cares factor)
As a developer I can't agree with this sort of mentality, sorry.

You can also use the quick side panel to deselect offline prior to adding. (does require effort)
Yes, but the broken links still in the queue, they're just not visible. If somebody keeps the setting unchecking, jDownloader can populate a massive set of offline links in many packages, which is most likely an undesired side effect.

Either remember setting or you can customise your own functions in menu editor.
This was very helpful, thanks!
Took me a minute to figure out but it definitely helps.
This should be the default settings, IMHO.


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