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Ok, that fixed it. Guess I had inadvertently checked the Don't show this again box. Didn't know until now what that Reset Dialog Information option really did. Thanks Greeny.

drbits - Yes I agree and I do regard the Linkrabber as a short-term working area. Nevertheless, I sometimes work with many links at a time collected via the clipboard. And often there are multiple sites per link (as from So I sometimes spend a bit of time working with that list, going back and forth between the Download table and Linkgrabber. In that particular use case -- and this is a separate issue that I believe was raised recently by another user - it is inconvenient to always be switched into the Download tab when just moving selected links. I'd like to stay put in the Linkgrabber as I process the list. I'd love to see a checkbox in the Linkgrabber option pane for this.
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