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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
@mgpai: Kill..kill that connection :p
Absolutely right. But, for some reason, both the software I listed use the term 'close'. Thought I will stick with it to avoid any confusion.

Hopefully we will not have to 'kill' for long, as you are planning to release the fix soon.

Originally Posted by Dockel View Post
And how do I know which of those connections I would have to close?
You can usually identify them by IP or Port numbers listed in JD connection manager. For .e.g. 3128 is a common proxy port. 'TCP View' also has sent/recd bytes column which can be used to differentiate active/idle connections. You can select and close only the idle ones. JD will automatically reestablish the connections.

If you are unable to isolate the problem connections, you can close everything except the ones with 'listening' state. It is even OK if you close them all. JD will automatically reestablish them.
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