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Ok friends, here's the update:

Using a free account i was downloading just documents from Scribd, 20 limit per day.
I tried to use Jdownloader 2 to save some time, for some documents i wanted from Scribd.
After 2-3 days of using this method correctly, downloading suddenly stopped.
I messaged the Scribd support asking for help and information, no reply ever.
The account seems to be completely suspended from downloading in any away.

I opened a new account and started a subscription.
Before i did that, i messaged the support asking about document downloading limits per day (with subscription).
They replied telling me that although it is an "unlimited" subscription, limits may apply.
I said what are the limits per day?
They said, we can't tell you, but there is an algorithm going around and it may catch you.
I asked about using download managers and they specifically said "we don't like that, don't do it".
So i suspect using JD2 with the free account was indeed the reason for total downloading suspension of the free account.
After two days downloading some documents i wanted (about 200-300) i see that downloading is disabled.
They said it will only last for a day if the algorithm limits me, i am waiting to see if this is true or not.
Even with the "unlimited" subscription, it means unlimited for reading, not for downloading, this should be made more clear.

That's it, hope it helps other people.
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