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thread is marked as solved due to the OP is answered. And thats when it was set.

Originally Posted by Agnostos View Post
You marked as solved but you DON'T answer to no one of my 2 questions.
01. What kind of files does it block by clicking at pictures, documens, audio, video e.t.c.
was answered,
Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
Hi please see source
Originally Posted by Agnostos View Post
02. How i can edit this rule so it block even files doesn't like for example jpg pictures.
was answered.
Originally Posted by raztoki View Post
then use the groupings like you had in post one, it will work for the file extensions you mentioned and others.

if you have issue with specific link provide it as it might be the cause, that way your rule can at least be tested and confirmed.
You haven't followed direction.

jpg file extension are blocked by the image grouping as already stated. Provide links so it can be tested/confirmed.

If images are not been blocked there could be a reason for it. For example:
- plugin doesn't set filename with said extension
- filename is not available until download, and or plugin not setting its MimeHint to image when we know its a image but not the extension (until download).

or user error, maybe you create a view rule not a filter rule.

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