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Please re-read remi's message.
Your suggestion is already a Feature Request in the BugTracker.

The current version of JDownloader cannot open any archive formats except for RAR. That means that ZIP files will not be extracted or deleted.

When multiple files are merged, that is a separate addon that (I personally expect) will be merged with a new extraction addon in the future (when we add 7z, zip, gz, tgz, and some other archive formats). Until then, JD will not have the capacity to delete split parts that have been merged.

The most common split format HJsplit is fatally flawed as a data format. It just splits the files as the specified byte count, without adding any index or recovery information. This means that there is no way to look at a collection of split files and know for sure that they are all to be merged into one file or that all of the splits for a file are in the directory. At least with a RAR or ZIP archive, there is an index to check and missing parts will cause error messages.

Once the JDownloader database contains explicit records for MirrorLists and Assemblies, then those can be used to identify the files that are used in one merge operation.
In summary, there are some necessary core improvements in JDownloader required to do what you ask correctly (upgraded Download Engine, upgraded Database, adding more information to the database, and rewriting JD unrar to become JD Assemble (which will merge or extract several formats).
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