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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
JDownloader requests the file in one range and in case that range exceeds the available traffic , you will encounter this error message.
Browser and some other tools use smaller ranges to load the files in many pieces that's why it works with them.

Am I right that the file is a larger one? Can you send link to
Hello. I'm sorry but this answer it isn't convincing.

First of all, yes, the file is large (**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**), but till now I had never had problems downloading much bigger files. Just this limitation was appearing and it was necessary to wait 5 hours. Now to wait it's useless, because looks like a bug that every 5 hours asks to wait another 5 hours, without end.

Secondly, JDwonloader2 was working perfectly until Sunday, downloading large files.

In third place, I have commented on this problem with other persons who use JDdonwloader2 to download large files and they don't have the same problem as I have.

Fourth, in other old computer that works badly (that's why I don't use it alrady), JDwonloader2 is installed, I checked and it DOWNLOADS large files. So, it seems isn't a problems of JDwonloader in itself, but a problem of MY JDwonloader. For some reason, asks me to wait and wait eternally.

Some another idea?

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