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Default jdownloader mega Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

i tried to find a solution for this problem on my own, but i failed.
so my problem is like this:
there is a single 9 GB big zip file mega download link. i copied it and pasted into jdownloader. but it always says "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded"

so i reconnected my router (changed ip) but still same error.
then i tried to check this in settings-plugins-mega "hide application identifier".
but there is no option like this (the thread with that "hide application identifier" advice is already 5 years old. maybe this option was changed already long ago).

now i tried this: i copied and pasted another mega link (a file that was about 600 MB big) and surprise: it worked (but strangely it was very slow, about 300 kb/s download speed. but if i download that file from the original mega link in my web browser, its full speed 5 mb/s download. idk why its like this in jdownloader. in the past, there were no such problems with jdownloader and mega links)

so.. to sum it up: somehow my mega downloads in jdownloader have slow download speed, and i cant even start download links that have too big file size like 9 GB.

how to solve this?
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