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@raztoki I'll try to use the plugin uid rather than host when this is possible then.

Could you provide me urls that would create mirror links recognised by JDownloader.
I don't know how it does that, if it need to be on the same folder or not as I tried downloading the same file from two different hosts and save them in different folder where it just started downloaded normally then I tried again on the same folder, and I just got prompted that the file already existed and there are no choice for any kind of mirror.
So I have no idea how it work in JDownloader.
Also I thought about it I was about to implement a logic which check if the file have downloaded by checking its size, but all those cases match an already scenario where we should actually set the URLs in the list of already downloaded files anyway.

I was thinking about making both a file per host but when it reach a certain number of links make another versions, for example host then host1, host2 etc.
Actually to avoid the cases where host would have a number on their name messing things up, writing something like host!1 or host_1, as valid hostnames only accept letters numbers dot and "-" sign anyway.

Also, in absence of LINKDUPEID and plugin id, is .getContentURL() the right one for individual files ? There are so many 'URLs' that I don't know which one use...
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