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I couldn't trigger a mirror link status even with two identical files (same size, different host, different name but in advanced settings I turned off name matching).

Anyway, after experimenting I concluded that myDownloadLink.getDownloadHost() is reliable to get a proper host name for the files that will contain the URLs.

I tried to see what I got with myDownloadLink. + getPluginURL() and getProperty("LINKDUPEID");
For PluginURL, sometime I get protocol://domain/(path/)?uid as raztoki stated and sometime I got domain://(path/)?uid.
And for LINKDUPEID I either get domain://(path/)?uid or (path/)?uid and sometime I get a format of websitecom_(path/)?uid :
(protocol://) turned into :

I never saw PluginURL with Domain first format without having LINKPUPEID being identical, but in case of I made the code so that it filter out domain and protocol anyway.

So I made this code which always return the (path/)?uid or LINKDUPEID version of it :

var myShortURL = Discombobulator(myDownloadLink.getPluginURL(), myDownloadLink.getProperty("LINKDUPEID"));
function Discombobulator(pluginURL, LINKDUPEID) {
    var shortURL = ''; //Check if there is a LINKDUPEID and take LINKDUPEID or PluginURL depending
    if (LINKDUPEID == null) {
        shortURL = pluginURL;
    } else {
        shortURL = LINKDUPEID.toString();
    var authority = shortURL.indexOf('://');
    if (authority < 0) return shortURL; //Check if URL contain '://' if not return it as it is already the shortest
    /*Check if there is a protocol before the '://' meaning it contain protocol and host.
If it contain protocol, remove protocol and host and return, otherwise remove host and return*/
    var shorterURL = shortURL.substring(authority + ('://').length);
    if (turboEncabulator(shortURL.substring(0, authority))) return shorterURL.substring(shorterURL.indexOf('/') + 1);
    return shorterURL;

function turboEncabulator(bit) {
    var protocols = ['http', 'https', 'ftp'];
    for (var i = 0; i < protocols.length; i++)
        if (bit == protocols[i]) return true;
    return false;
Do you think this code is solid enough to deal with all possible cases or did I miss something ?

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