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Originally Posted by Demongornot View Post
Do you think this code is solid enough to deal with all possible cases or did I miss something ?
Not all links will have a unique ID. It is better to include the domain name in "shortURL". For e.g., if the url is "", the script will currently generate only "images/logo.png" as "shortURL".

Also, "LINKDUPEID" is not useful outside of JD. It is better to store the final url in its original format, and strip the protocol only when comparing them during dupe check. This will allow the list to be used outside of JD (review/edit/open link in browser/Add back to JD etc.).

The plugin url is not always useful (e.g. youtube plugin url) outside of JD. It is better to use content url wherever possible and have plugin url as fallback (From what I have seen, this will return a usable url when content url is null).

You can strip to the protocol at the time of dupe check. For example:
var duplicate = linkInList.replace(/https?:\/\/(www\.)?/, "") == linkInJD.replace(/https?:\/\/(www\.)?/, "");

Not in any way suggesting this is the way to do it. Just sharing my thoughts on the subject.
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