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Is it really necessary to keep the domain name as the file in which short URL would be saved will be already named as the the domain name ?
Or do you suggesting that this isn't enough as can turn into when using myDownloadLink.getDownloadHost() ?
Because in this case I already have a code which return the whole domain and subdomains without the protocol and path, could make it the file name, but this mean that links from the same domain with different subdomains won't be checked, so I think the getDownloadHost is better in that regard.

Alternatively, as you said :
Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
While rare, it is quite possible the same file will be added to JD with a different url. If a "LINKDUPEID" is available for a link you can use it instead of or in conjunction with the download url. Most users may like to have it as a default feature rather than optional.]
I could write for each lines : completeURL ShortURL:LINKDUPEID and use the (space)ShortURL: as keyword for indexOf, if it return -1 I check the whole line which is the complete url minus protocol and "www" and when it return a positive value ShortURL would be LINKDUPEID when available, otherwise it will use the code I posted earlier to get a shortURL.
Would it work better ?

Well in the case where we want users to be able to manually interact with the URLs indeed Plugin URL isn't the way to go and I like your dupe check code.
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