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Originally Posted by Demongornot View Post
.... am I good using only http, https and ftp as protocols ?
I read that JDownloader also support Metalinks and Podcasts, and I don't know how those protocols work, as what I understood from a quick read is that Metalink is a collection of regular URL but I don't know how JDownloader handle those anyway.
With regards to protocol, I know of one more - "usenet". There might be others. Jiaz should be able to confirm.

As far as the containers are concerned, the final url will always be available as 'content url' (regular container) or 'plugin url' (encrypted/protected containers).

You can also try this code to generate the 'shortURL':
var link = myDownloadLink;
var host = link.getDownloadHost();
var url = link.getProperty("LINKDUPEID") || link.getPluginURL();
var shortURL = url.replace(new RegExp(".+:\/\/.*" + host + "/"), "").replace(/.+:\/\//, "");
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