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Does someone else also have problems with the Firefox extension since a few days ago? Because for me it doesn't stay logged in any more.

More details:
After I restart Firefox, adding links doesn't work any more. I usually have it configured to automatically start downloading at a specific JDownloader instance after a few seconds. This countdown still is there, but after it finishes the little dialoge is not closed (and no links are added to the JDownloader instance). When I then click on the toolbar button of the extension, I see something in red (I assume an error message) for a split second, after that I see the login window. After I enter my credentials it works normally again (until the next restart of Firefox).

One additional note: When the problem happens, the extension does not show an exclamation mark on its toolbar button like it initally does when you are not logged in. So I assume it thinks that I'm logged in, but if the session is then really used for something it doesn't work.

I've already tried reinstalling the extension. It then worked again for two or three restarts of Firefox and now I have the problem again.

I did not change anything in my Firefox (e.g. installing new extensions or changing settings) that could explain that.

Firefox 69.0.2 (64 bit)
Extension 3.2.38
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