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I don't use JD, and wasn't even aware of the speed glitch. I normally use the browser as a free user and encountered the same problems users were facing. slow speed and downloads would stop/fail and resume at 0. When I searched google, I came across this thread. What were people thinking glitching the site into faster speed for free (hurr durr they won't find out) Dummies always take advantage of a good host and turns it into shit. Seems like they ruined it for everyone.

I should have took a screenshot didn't think anything of it at the time, I got this message yesterday via browser, "The limit of 3000 files per day is exceeded. Try to continue tomorrow. Upgrade to PREMIUM and forget about limits."

No, I didn't download that many files, but my assumption is that they're only allowing 3k files per day for free users? I'll see if it happens again.
SO I tried again next day, same thing dl fails.
I tried to download something else with a referrer link.
My download was 150 kbs and finished.
I then tried to download a file without a referrer link and the download always fails. No sure if it helps just fyi.

Sucks they're shitting on free users, but free users shouldn't have took advantage with the speed glitch.

Another thing I noticed the page they have for resellers isn't there anymore. I was going to get premium via reseller but they don't list their authorized resellers on their website anymore. Wonder what more changes are coming.
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