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Default Auto-click ReCaptcha v3 [Python Script]

I want to share with you a simple but effective script to auto-solve the ReCaptcha v3. I've tested it on MixDrop and works fine. I hope this can help someone.

How it works
It uses the PyAutogui library to emulate a mouse click. If you set the coordinates of the browser button, the script will click on this part of the screen every X seconds. When JDownloader opens the webpage to click the ReCaptcha, this script will do this for you

What to install
This script have been tested on Linux, but should work on every platform thanks to PyAutogui.
Install Python on your system.
Run this command to install the libraries pip3 install datetime pyautogui

The Script

import pyautogui
import time

while 1>0:, 210, button='left')

save it as then you can run it from a terminal running python3
[EDIT] replace ---- with a TAB. You must keep the indentation of the 2 lines otherwise Python will returns an error. The forum deletes the TAB so I've put ---- insted of the TAB.

How to customize
The only thing you have to change, are the coordinates (700&200 in my script). You should insert the coordinates of the ReCaptcha button on your screen. You can do some try changing the button='left' to button='right' so you can see were the mouse is clicking.
time.sleep(10) tells to click every 10 seconds, you can put the seconds you prefer.

Since the script clicks every X seconds, you should keep the browser opened and JDownloader minimized. You can't use the PC while it's running because it moves the mouse every time. It's useful if you are not at the PC and want to download automatically

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