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Originally Posted by woolf View Post
Is there any way to check what are those "stuck" links?
All you can do is cancel crawl processes by rightclicking on the crawler icon -> Cancel

Originally Posted by woolf View Post
Is there any gui "queue" of links being processed?
We had a progress bar a while back but it has been removed for various (good) reasons.
Some crawlers have good logging of their progress so you could check your "logs" folder manually (located in your JD install dir).

Originally Posted by woolf View Post
For example I copy 100 links and 95 are already added to linkgrabber by crawler so I know there are still 5 missing, but I can't find out which exactly are those to copy and try download them manually.
How would a status help in this case?
JD will re-process all of them but it will not add duplicates to your linkgrabber by default.
So if you e.g. re-add a big twitter profile and you're only waiting for JD to find some items you haven't added last time, indeed you won't know the progress until new URLs show up in your linkgrabber.

While you can't do much here is what you can do:
1. When re-adding big items such as profiles, delete all previously added items from your linkgrabber (or at least move them to the downloadlist) so you can see the added links ("as a progress") live in your linkgrabber.
2. Some plugins have special settings to speed-up the crawl- and/or linkchecking process.
Check if that is possible for the website you're adding links from, see Settings -> Plugins -> Search for the website you're using (no result = no settings available for that website/plugin).
3. For some websites (rare case), you can e.g. define the order to add items or the page/date to start from.
There is no documentation for this so you will ask us separately for each website or look it up in our source code.

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Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
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