Thread: [User feedback required] Checking the status of a crawler.
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Thanks for your reply. I didn't mean a status bar but a stack of copied links.

For example I copy following list of links:

link1. com
link2. com
link3. com

JD starts crawling and adding them to link grabber. It starts with link1 so if it's done with this link (doesn't matter if it's online or offline) it is added to link grabber and list for crawler looks now like this:

link2. com
link3. com

But now if crawler stucks on link2 it won't be added to link grabber at all. It will just show this spinning green circle in lower right corner all the time and nothing will happen untill I restart JD.

So I want too see the list of links that were copied but were not added to link grabber (even with the offline status).
Those "stuck" links are probably sites affected by this new cloudflare system - and I want JD to show me the list of these links.

Right click -> abort linkgrabber, doesn't work - green circle keeps spinning (again probably when cloudflare links are involved).
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