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Question Why and How Have & TezFiles Download Rules Changed?

This is a question about a couple of download sites I've been using pretty much daily for several months, but today have strangely changed their download rules.

When I first started using Keep2Share and TezFiles to download some files this spring, I wasn't using an account and the transfer speeds were abysmally slow - capped at around 60 KB/s. But, I was allowed to download multiple RAR archive parts at once. So, if multiple releases of the same thing were available, I chose the ones with many smaller parts over the releases with fewer large parts.

I took a break and didn't download anything from either site for a few months. When I tried again in the late summer, for some reason the way JDownloader downloaded from both sites had changed.

Now, the download speed was capped at 1 MB/s, but JDownloder would only download one at a time. So, I switched my download optimization strategy to choosing releases with fewer, larger parts. This minimized the total wait time between downloading multiple files, and reduced the number of Captchas. I also started using free accounts for both sites, so JDownloader could monitor my daily traffic limits.

The 1 MB/s limit was the equivalent of 16 simultaneous downloads at the previous 60 KB/s rate limit, and I have enjoyed it for several months. But sadly as of today, suddenly both TezFiles and Keep2Share downloads have gone back to the first system of rules, but worse: each download is capped at a pitiful 30 KB/s, and I can download multiple files at once.


The thing that puzzles me the most is that these sites don't seem to be related in any way, so why have they both changed how they can be downloaded from at the same time, in the same way?

Is it the sites changing their rules, or is it somehow JDownloader itself? I took a break from downloading yesterday, but there weren't any JDownloader updates until today, after I had started some new downloads and noticed the changes.

What is going on with this?

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