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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Are you free/premium user? Can you check in browser with same file if speed is still the same old good speed? or also slow?
I've used both no account, and a free account with both of these sites, and the download speeds were the same in both situations. The only difference is that when logged in to a free account, JDownloader was able to determine my traffic limits.

There was an issue a couple of weeks ago, where my transfers from both K2S and TezFiles with JDownloader would randomly restart themselves and start transferring from the beginning all over again. Sometimes a single file would restart half a dozen times before finally finishing. This was extremely annoying, but fortunately all those extra wasted bytes from redownloading didn't count against my traffic limit. This issue lasted a week, with it going away on both sites at the same time.

During the time period of the random restarts, I didn't know if it might be JDownloader, so I tried downloading from both sites from the browser. The speed was catastrophically slow on both sites, so I quickly cancelled the tests. It was better to have JDownloader downloading at 1 MB/s, even if it meant constant restarts. I now know JDownlader was not the cause.

I am now downloading a file from the browser, using Free Download Manager, with my Keep2Share free account. The transfer speed is capped at 200 KB/s, which is much higher than the 30 KB/s I was getting with K2S earlier today in JDownloader. I'll test again in JDownloader later, after my wait time has finished.

What CZ-75 said about them both being run by the same company was something I thought to myself this morning, and I tried to look up their owners but I couldn't find any quick answers. It would explain why these sites' download rules changed in tandem, and why they both had that problem with restarting transfers.

I think he's probably right that the 1 MB/s download speed for the past two or three months was unintended and has been fixed. Bummer!

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