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Thanks for that info, pspzockerscene.

Now that they have fixed their transfer speeds, the fact that I have to keep the transfer running for the entire duration until it completes is a real problem.

Despite JDownloader saying these sites support resuming, neither site is able to successfully resume interrupted transfers, and this problem goes back for months. It's the reason why the random download restarts from a few weeks ago didn't just reconnect and resume from wherever it left off - it started from the very beginning again.

That problem with resuming is still there, and it's a hundred times worse when a download takes 20 hours rather than 30 minutes. In fact, this morning I woke up and saw that I'd had an interruption in four or five downloads that were running. Some of which had been running 15+ hours and were near completion.

When I started the downloads again, sure enough all the progress bars went back to 0.0%, and now I have to keep a flawless connection for the next 20 hours. Yay.

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