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Originally Posted by smilies View Post
Or what about adding a text box to the JDownloader settings where you can code scripts directly (in any imperative language), with variables etc, without having to set up an IDE and boilerplate code to write and compile entire plugins? Thanks!
You can also use the eventscripter and write code in javascript, see

When you can code in java, there is no real reason NOT to write plugins in java as you have access to full/complex/modern language. It's not comparatively to try to add all those full/complex/modern language possibilities to static rules (linkcrawler) or very basic/limited javascript engine.

You want to add 32 to the ascii code of the first letter. next person wants to check the 2nd letter and compare to 5th letter and then add 8th letter....and so on. doesn't make any sense to add such functionality to linkcrawler rules. Either your ideas can be created with eventscripter and supported javascript or must be done with a native java plugin that has nearly *unlimited* possibilities
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