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Default skip file type

I am wondering if there's a way to skip a file type when it's already in the download queue (not in linkgrabber): For example, don't download queued MP4.

I realize that there is a filter in linkgrabber, but I grabbed a lot of tumblr images and didn't realize that a bunch of mp4 videos also came in along with them. It's impractical for me to go back and grab them again. There are over 15,000 packages, I cannot go through them individually. I just don't want the mp4s.

I also tried sorting by file type in the queue, but that doesn't work (I presume because some of the download packages contain mixed file types). In that case, is there any way to "Ungroup" all of the download packages in the download queue, and then order them by type? (they are all going to the same folder so no need to preserve different dl locations). Many of them have "uknown file size" as well, but it does know at least the file extension.

Therefore, my question above simply stated: Is there any way to skip downloading all mp4s in the download queue?

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