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Your screenshot shows "Finished Mirror" and that happens when JDownloader detects the links as mirrors.

The situation is as follow, the filename were all the same and the filesize was not marked as safe/verified but just known, so JDownloader will NOT use that filesize for mirror detection.
So, all filenames are same -> mirrors. With next plugin update, filesizes are marked as safe

You can change the mirror detection via Settings->Advanced Settings->
GeneralSettings.mirrordetectiondecision (can change on what information the mirror check is decided on)
GeneralSettings.forcemirrordetectionfilesizecheck (enforce JD to check safe/verified file size)

Please know that enforcing filesize check can result in Captcha->Mirror detection. Before the safe/verified filesize/name
is not available, so download has to be processed (try to download, so wait time, captcha...) until those details are available.
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