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Default How to Download Streaming Videos with Name, Season, Episode, etc.?


I would like to learn how to add streaming videos to Jdownloader’s download list with the video related names, not with the no meaning server file names? I am using Firefox and Video DownloadHelper.

I have tried Internet Download Manager and Xtreme Download Manager, both of them can add the streaming video files with names as the Name, Season, Episode, etc… This is the good part but these two download managers split files into unlimited parts while downloading and after that it takes too much time for merging those parts into one file and if there are simultaneous downloads finished, they try to merge multiple files which kills HDD and makes it not responding while the lowest write read speeds (nature of the HDD) and I cannot close the computer if there are remaining merging jobs, otherwise files will be corrupted and sometimes it takes hours for several seasons of video downloads to merge. I tried them on the SSD drive for these downloads and they are instantly finishing the file merges (3550MiB read and 2400 MiB write speeds) but with a lot of writes and deletes which is decreasing the life of the SSD significantly for no good reason while Jdownloader can download files with simultaneous parts and no need for merging.

I have added some screenshots about the issue and what I want to do.

Thank you for your help.
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