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I think it would not work;

IDM Export to text file does not contain any name info as below;

"**External links are only visible to Support Staff**

So, I think I should wait for Jdownloader Addon to capture the names and the links from streaming videos.


I am just curious about; How could other download managers (as paid IDM and free XDM) not download files without splitting the data into infinite separate files and after that need to rebuild temporary files again to merge them ? It is double job and losing time, if you have a very fast internet connection it is slower than regular download . Even Flashget (2004) was working like Jdownloader many years ago (no need to rebuild temporary files) when downloads are finished the files are ready to use.

Jdownloader is a very good download manager thank you for your wonderful work

Please inform me if there is any solution for this subject or any update in the future.

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