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Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
Please stop trying to get around our URL-censoring - it is for your privacy!
Moderators can see the full URLs
Sorry for that, I did not know

Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
The streams you want to download are split up in these parts.
Either these download managers don't support them natively like we do or you're doing it wrong.
I know those kind of streams (uncertain size multi-piece parts and always changing while watching) but in my situation it is like a file on the cloud server, a single file even Firefox can save this with "save as".

The problem with the other download managers as IDM and XDM are while they are downloading; for example let's say my configuration is 32 Chunks per download and let's say I am downloading Windows 10.iso from Microsoft as 5.2 GiB. After finishing the download IDM and XDM starts to rebuild the infinite temporary file parts (it is more than 32 parts because if a part is finished, they add a new one so it creates a new temp file and so on) and it takes a few minutes on HDD and if there are other downloads which are finished at the same time then it's the party time for reads and writes like a drunken HDD no response to any command with %100 percentage work load + CPU Load. Think like trying to extract 1000 different RAR files at the same time on the same drive (source and destination) just for 15 big size files downloaded by those download managers.

It is not practical and It is unnecessary.

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