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No, it is not a problem, their software works like that unfortunately.

If you search on the net as “When IDM finishes downloading it takes a very long time to rebuild temporary files. Why can this happen?” you will see the text below.

“Also, it is possible if you have an old IDE drive that is slow. In such case, open "Options->Connection" IDM dialog (arrow 1 on the image) and set one as "Default max conn number" parameter (arrow 2 on the image). Then press "OK" button (arrow 3 on the image). In addition, temporary folder and folder where you want to save a file should be on the same drive. Then IDM will not rebuild any temporary files, instead it will simply move a downloaded file into destination folder.”

And a picture shows you how to decrease the “32 Chunks per download” to “2 Chunks per download” on the settings.
Free Download Manager, Jdownloader, Flashget etc. works in the same way, just multi connections to a file and no the temp files, no temp file folders, no rebuilding after finishing the downloads.

IDM, XDM and others works with temp file folder for the separate temp files per downloads created by per connections, in the end merge them as a single file. It means as, for example 600 GiB 1080p Series with 10 seasons and each season has 24 episodes. They will download these with thousands of parts. After finishing downloading, they will read all the 600 GiB and write 600 GiB again as a merged single file for each 240 episodes in total. At that time, you can cook
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