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Question Why JD2 Can Not Run From A Folder with Spaces in the Path

Hi JD Team,

I was trying to run my Portable JDownloader 2 which I found from a different site and I kept getting a Messge that the program can NOT run when the Directory has "Spaces" in it's Name ...

Q1: Why is that!?!? Why does the program run fine when I moved it to Desktop and Took the Spaces out of my Portable Folders Name?

Q2: It almost seems to me (which I am Not a Tech Savvy person) the program wants to Run from C:\ Root ... WHY would that be?

Q3: Would JD Team consider having "Potable Version" of Download from this Official Site?

Q4: Where do the "New Updates" load into for JD 0.9.581 and JD2 Beta ... which Directory or Folder?



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