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Originally Posted by flash82 View Post
2) I've noticed that the Linkcollector works differently on My.JDownloader than in the desktop client, because it keeps the packages in the Linkcollector even after they have been added to the Downloads tab.
That's not the case. When you add links from Linkcollector to DownloadList, then those packages/files are moved. There is no support at all to keep the files in Linkcollector.
There are three possible causes I can think of
1.) you hit the play button and think that it will move the links to DownloadList. This ONLY works in the GUI version. In headless/MyJDownloader you have to move the links manually via rightclick context menu
2.) The moving is still in progress and once a package/links got moved, then they will be removed from linkcollector. Maybe slower hardware and that's why you might experience it
3.) the client/MyJDownloader is not refreshed yet and thinks the items are still in list. a switch to downloadlist and back to linkcollector should get it back into sync
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