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Default "Plugin error (out-of-date)" for megaupload

When using jdownloader to download things from rapidshare, it's perfectly OK.

However, if I use it to download things from megaupload, it's only ok for the first two files. When it goes to the third file, it always cannot download and says "Plugin error (out-of-date)" for ALL THE REST files one by one.

Checked the links in browser already, and those megaupload links are perfectly fine. I can even download them using browser. I just cannot use jdownloader to download them.

And strangely, if I shut down the computer and turn it on the next day, jdownloader can download ANOTHER TWO files. And then the same error occurs.

I guess megaupload has done something with its site to ban jdownloader from downloading it links. But it's just a guess.

Please advise a solution as soon as possible. Thanks.
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