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Some questions about this release:
  • when do you plan to release some updates so that I could see does updating works in this version, since it didn't worked on my PCs since version 0.5.917?
  • what does it mean "update plugins" on screen loading? i don't see that it download something from internet in that time
  • do you plan any new modification in next releases, since you already make big changes in this version (i mean with installing)? i have some website with detailed description and screenshot of installing and using this program and i don't know when there will be freeze in gui changes so that i can update it (it is outdated now with tips from old look)
  • how could i contact Serbian translator, i don't see it's contact information in language file?

Thanks in advance
  • not sure, though I haven't had any troubles, you might want to try a fresh download of JD and then copy your config to that. Also try running jdupdate.jar for updating.
  • plugins can be updated through packages you download like any other file in JD. It are .jdu zipped files if I'm right. But it only applies those at program startup, so if you don't restart after downloading them, it does it next time you open it. That is if I understand you correct... Screenshot
  • ...
  • I don't think you can contact if there's no contact info. If it's about changes, add the Translate plugin, customize it like you think it should be and submit it. More info here

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