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D.i M.e
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Thank you everyone for your detailed answers! But I think that I was not understood in some places. When I was talking about update, I meant on update like on **External links are only visible to Support Staff**this screenshot. After installing 0.6.193 about a week ago, I didn't get information that update is available nor update was running (like in this screenshot from previous versions).

In versions 0.5.917 and 0.6.111 I would get this messages and update would start, but it never actually occurs because I got error like in this case. With old versions (before 0.5.x) I never got problems with automatic updates.

Thats why I asked will there be some updates to see if it will work with this version or it won't work as in 0.5.917 and 0.6.111.

Thanks again
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