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the message *ip is already loading* comes directly from the hoster! just wait longer, most hosters wait an timeout before they free the *ip in use*!

05917 and some of the beta do have an update bug! because of that you have to download the latest version from homepage and extract over old one.

no we do not update on daily basis, you can see that in changelog page!
and jd loads the filelist from server at the beginning and try that several times (becase it can fail due to high serverload)...every try has a timeout, and therefore a blocked jd (why start jd that cannot connect to internet at all, so setup firewall right) might take some time before it starts up!

and we are working on performance issues and usability and also bugfixing...we try our best to make jd better every versions, thats why we need proper bugreports!
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