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It would be helpful if at least the "Loaded" ("Geladen") column could be configured to display the size in the unit of the user's choice (MB, KB, B...). This information (exact file size of downloaded file) is available.

In my case, I moved the downloaded files to another location, only to find them renamed like EP2C30~1.WAV - the program used for the move obviously cannot use the special Windows API for filenames longer than 256 characters (there is one which allows you to store them internally as \\?\some-long-name). So while JD2 downloaded them correctly, I now have a bunch of them to rename to meaningful names.

I could use the list in the Downloads tab - if only the "Loaded" ("Geladen") column showed the exact file size in bytes! I could then find the right names by simply comparing sizes - the sizes in MB are not helpful here...
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