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Originally Posted by user748912 View Post
After JD is startet, i enter a captcha(or more cause JD), sometimes(about 30-40%) ddownload tells the "X" plugin is outdated. After this JD shows me a huge waittime(like if i had a File downloaded already).
It doesnt download or try to download any other Files from that hoster now.
I have to quit JD, get a new IP and start JD again.
Now i can download from ddownload without a plugin outdatet error.
The mysterious now it that i dont have to enter a Captcha for this hoster,
download just starts.
We are not aware of any ddownload issues at this moment and did not get other reports.
We cannot help you without a log:
Please post your log-ID here | bitte poste deine Log-ID hier.

Originally Posted by user748912 View Post
Another annoying thing, i know JD is often unable to detect mirrors/existing files, but maybe if that ever fixed. ddowload supports Resume. Now if JD is
quit and 900/1000MB are ready... Quess what JD does next start, it takes the different hoster that cant resume an starts from 0MB instead of loading that part from ddownload from 900-1000MB. This works only if you disable the other Hoster.
Bugs in our mirror handling are not known.

The functionality you are describing is resuming a part loaded by host X with host Y - JD cannot do this but it should not start a part from scratch for no reason.
Your descibed behavior is a feature which JD doesn't have (yet) but there is a ticket about this:

Again - without a log we cannot tell what happened in your case:
Please post your log-ID here | bitte poste deine Log-ID hier.


To access the mirror settings, see Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Mirror
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That's true James
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