Thread: [Developer Feedback required] System freezes at JDownloader startup (macOS)
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well I would first suggest you try to find and run DiskWarrior (maybe a friend has a USB stick with it installed you could possibly borrow to boot up with) as even though Disk utility says that everything is ok there still could be Directory structures or actual used/free space errors that DU doesnt always see.

and not knowing still which OS your using what software or other items including yuk Adobe flash, what Java version etc your using or what other items you may have not updated properly it is still more than likely a software issue unless diskwarrior finds an issue not reported with DU although it could still be a combination too.

Some of the older Apple OS updates used to check and at least put certain apps that they knew caused problems were move to another directory so they would not start up automatically and the folder was labeled also as a warning so to speak so the end user knew what they need to update or to find another product that could do the same job etc.

Unfortunately at this Time since things they have changed their OS installs at the app store the OSes now are not doing such anymore.

Uninstalling and reinstalling might help but I think something else is going on at a lower level than the app itself
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